Commun(icat)ing Bodies

9-10 Sept 2013


Current Research Seminar:

Integrität des Körpers / L'intégrité corporelle

An International Research Seminar / 9-10 Sept 2013 / Zurich

The question of appropriate clothing in public spaces, the question of circumcision, the practice of exchange and circulation of body parts, organs, and body fluids, and the creation/formation of body according to one's own view of world and life, and the relations between bodies have become central aspects of public and political discourses.

Academic research tries to unfold and "unsettle" these often complex and naturalized public discourses. The research seminar "Bodily Integrity" aims to explore the notion of "integrity" as both descriptive and normative category.

The seminar will be bi-lingual (German and French).


The program is available as PDF.

Participation / Registration / Fees

Participation and seminar dinner are free, but you are required to register your attendance with Simone Romagnoli:


University of Zurich, Zurich/CH

9-10 Sept 2013


Simone Romagnoli:

Dr. Valdo Pezzoli: v.pezzoli@bluewin.c

Dr. Anna-Katharina Höpflinger:

Prof. Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati:


Past Research Seminars:

Anthropotechnologies / 3-4 Sept 2012, University of Hull

Technologies and Their Impact on the Understanding of the Human Body

Our Fall 2012 Research Seminar will be held 3-4 Sept 2012 at the University of Hull. The seminar is open to anyone interested, please register your participation with Dr. Alexander D. Ornella:

Download the program for the Anthropotechnologies seminar.

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Research Seminars

"The history of Christian theology and piety is a visual history, populated with images of bodies, beautiful and ugly, holy and sinful, venerated and despised"